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Moving Advice


•    Purchase packaging supplies at least few days before you move. See Packaging
•    Check your home insurance and make sure you have cover from when you move in to your new home.
•    Label all boxes displaying destination room, contents and fragile items.
•    Keep a few spare boxes for the day of the move
•    Get rid of the rubbish before moving day.
•    Know what you want taken and what is to be left.
•    Clean before moving day.
•    Start packing essential items
•    Notify the relevant utility companies for your move.
 Packing Advice:
• Wrap all of your china, glassware, and delicate pieces separately to avoid damage.
• Clearly label all boxes stating the destination room, contents, and any fragile items.
• Keep a few spare boxes for the day of the move for any additional bits and pieces.
• Purchase packaging supplies at well in advance before your moving day. See Packaging
Tips for breakable and fragile items:
• Stack any plates into the box on their ends. Place another layer of padding in between each layer of china or glassware.
• Breakable items including glassware and crockery etc should be wrapped individually in packing paper.
• Make sure that the whole item is completely wrapped up.  
• For ease of transporting, pack a mixture of light and heavy items into large boxes.
Fill any gaps between items with paper as this will decrease movement within the box.             
• When placing layers of items into a box make sure each box has two-thirds layers of china/ glassware etc, and one third layer of padding and packing paper.

Tips for moving house:
• Remove any rid rubbish a few days before your moving day.
• Decide what you want to take with you and what is to be left behind. Donate or recycle any unwanted items.
• Clean your property before your actual moving day.
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